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Aside from being able to repair any broken fixtures or damage, big or small, your commercial property may need, there are still some very good reasons to consider The Plumbing Authority as your go-to guy for your business. We are also authorized and experienced in installing high quality, technologically advanced appliances for kitchens and bathrooms that can make huge improvements to how you provide services to your customers or clients.


If you manage a restaurant, for example, you might want to consider a reverse osmosis filtration system for all your water needs, as the EPA has recognized reverse osmosis as “the best available technology” for offering the cleanest water you can get. This would be important for serving drinks, washing fruits and vegetables, washing dishes, washing hands, using water as a cooking ingredient and so on. A reverse osmosis filtration system would also be essential for a hotel, and you can imagine the possibilities that a tankless water heater, touch-activated faucets, and instant hot-water dispensers can provide to visitors who do go on to mention how good the bathrooms and showers in your rooms are.


And then we have hot-water recirculation systems, pressure boosting pumps, radon mitigation systems, pressure reducing valves, high-performance flushing systems and more that can be useful for any commercial property or business!


Water is the main element to all facets of life, and that even includes business. Get your water needs up to date with the highest grade quality and technology available with The Plumbing Authority! See our Services page for the installations we can provide your property. Contact us today for any questions you have!

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