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5 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Is it taking too much time for you to do the dishes? Is your toilet not using enough water when flushing? Are you running late for work because your shower head does not release adequate water for you to rinse off fast enough? Low water flow can be frustrating and at the same time may signify a serious problem in your home’s plumbing system. If this is the case, don't hesitate to call The Plumbing Authority¬†for a plumbing service!

Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

  • Local water distribution - Low water pressure is normal during peak hours: it’s when everyone else in the neighborhood is using water, such as watering their lawn, and or getting prepared for school or work, things to that extent. You may consider altering your schedule a bit so as not to compete with water usage. To double-check, call your local water supply facility and inquire about any problems that might be causing the poor water flow.
  • Pressure regulator issues - The regulator is a plumbing device that moderates high water pressure from water suppliers to residential outlets. Too low of water pressure can cause damage to plumbing equipment, so this component has to be set correctly upon installation. Debris and other deposits may enter leaky pipes and block the regulator, or the pump can get worn out, resulting in inadequate water flow.
  • Hard water deposits - Water used in homes isn’t pure H20. It contains particles that water dissolves as it moves from the main source, through the pipeline and into homes. Over time, these tiny particles accumulate and form “rings” that impair optimal flow in the piping. The most common areas at home usually affected are showerheads and toilets, or anywhere where water has to seep through small holes. According to, if water flow is low in the showerhead but normal in most outlets in the house, chances are hard water deposits are blocking it.
  • Leakage - This is a serious problem because, other than the inconvenience, it can also lead to high water bills because of tremendous water waste. To confirm a leakage, shut off all water taps in and out of your home and take note of the meter reading. Return after two hours and see if the reading has increased. If it did, call a reliable plumbing company, such as The Plumbing Authority¬†that also offers emergency plumbing to Knoxville locals. Plumbing specialists have the tools and equipment to identify the source and repair the leak or supply you with replacement parts if necessary.

You can prevent a water problem by regularly monitoring control points. However, it’s better to leave the fixing to the professionals at The Plumbing Authority, especially with more serious issues like damaged equipment, pipe blockage, and leaks.

Call The Plumbing Authority today at (865) 238-2280 or contact us online to schedule a plumbing service to resolve your low water pressure in Knoxville!

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