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Protecting Your Home's Plumbing as Seasons Change

Winter has left and spring thaw has came in; however, the effects of the cold lingered longer in East Tennessee, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel. Unfortunately, for a residential plumbing system, this could mean frozen pipes that might later on burst.

Common Seasonal Plumbing Woes & How We Can Help

Winter Worries—Frozen and Burst Pipes

The extremes of the seasons can really take a toll on home fixtures. Plumbing is one of the primary concerns in this regard. Water inside the pipes freeze, forming an ice blockage that increases the risk of water damage. There’s a good chance that this will lead to a break, not because the ice is expanding against the wall of the pipe, but because the cycle of freezing and expansion continues and the water pressure between a closed faucet and the ice blockage builds up.

Even if no pipes burst in your house, it doesn’t mean they’re completely safe. The freezing and expansion already caused weakening in some portions of the pipes. So basically you could have a ticking water time bomb that can happen any day, unless you have them inspected.

Spring Rains and Clogged Drains

The integrity of the pipes is important to check because of the past winter as spring thaw shifts the attention to your drainage systems. From March to May are some of the rainiest months.If your outdoor drainage systems are clogged, rainwater may get where you don’t want it to go. You can expect unmaintained drains to clog as the rain carries debris with it. Large leaves, twigs, dirt, etc., may be easy to sweep up, but things that aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye are another story.

Inside the home, your drainage can have issues regardless of season. Grease, stray objects, and hair are common causes of clogs in shower or sink drains. If any drain is acting slowly, you’ll need professional plumbing to correct them.

Plumbing companies like The Plumbing Authority¬†offer professional sewer and drain cleaning. There are many situations when trying to clean the drains yourself can lead to worse problems or even irreversible damages. That’s why it’s better to let the experts handle them. Even at the slightest sign of problems, it might be a good idea to have your plumbing systems looked at by a professional.

(Source: Winter loosens grip on East Tennessee, but effects linger, Knoxville News Sentinel, February 22, 2015)

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