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Benefits of Using a Video Pipe Inspection Plumbing Company

If you’ve been having any kind of issues with your Knoxville sewers, drains, or pipes, the quickest way to identify the problem is by working with a plumbing company that uses video pipe inspection to track down the source. Trying to eyeball a problem will work when the issue is visibly obvious, but that’s not always the case because plumbing problems can sometimes be hidden from view.

The most modern companies use a more thorough and comprehensive approach that takes advantage of technology to get right into the pipes and “see” what’s really happening. That’s why The Plumbing Authority uses pipe camera for inspection, and it’s why you should contact us first when you have any kind of plumbing issues.

Less invasive problem-solving

Digging up pipes and sewers can be a very time-consuming, messy operation, and it can leave your Knoxville household without plumbing service for quite a while because water must be turned off during this kind of work. A plumbing company that offers video pipe inspection services can send a mini-camera down pipes to locate the source of the problem without having to disrupt your yard and your entire household in the process.

More thorough examination

Even the most remote areas of your plumbing system are checked when you use the services of a video inspection company because there is sometimes damage to unseen and unexpected areas that a camera can find, even when other methods find nothing. Cracks in piping, damage to seals or joints, tree roots, and stubborn clogs will all be revealed by the camera as part of the most thorough examination possible.


When your plumbing system is examined by a video pipe inspection in TN, it can be recorded and documented for future reference. When problems recur somewhere down the line, recordings made from past issues can be rechecked to find possible similarities or re-developments of the same issue. Problem spots are easier to identify like this, and perhaps more aggressive approaches can be adopted for resolution.

Speed and efficiency

Problems in your piping or drains can be pinpointed much faster with a video pipe inspection, especially when there are few visible signs to indicate where the issue might be. This can be important from the standpoint of having far less downtime for your plumbing system and resulting inconvenience to your family members. It can also save on labor costs since problem-solving time is cut way down with faster identification of problem areas and quicker resolutions that can then be implemented.

Universal application

No matter what size or composition your piping may have, it won’t matter to the video inspection process. A camera can be inserted down your piping regardless of the width of piping, and the same useful information will then be obtainable. With no special processes being needed, costs can be kept manageable, and repair bills don’t get out of hand.

Video pipe inspection in TN

From the above, it should be easy to see that the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective approach to resolving plumbing issues is through the use of video pipe inspection equipment. When your Knoxville home or workplace is bothered by any kind of plumbing issue, contact The Plumbing Authority right away so we can examine your plumbing system the modern way and have things back to normal as soon as possible.

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