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Residential and Commercial Leak Detection Services

Your home or business place could sustain major damage from a water leak that goes undetected and is allowed to progress to the point where damage occurs to the building components. Gas leaks can also cause significant harm to household occupants and the home itself if a spark were to ignite the gas. The potential dangers from leaks make it important that they are immediately detected and appropriate measures are taken to remediate the issue, whatever it may be. For any gas or water leaks you may have, The Plumbing Authority should be your first call for residential or commercial leak detection services. 

Water Leak Detection Services

Some of the signs you should look for when you think you may have a water leak in your home are the following:

  • You hear the sound of water running when you know there is no faucet turned on
  • The appearance of mildew in some part of the home
  • Your water bill recently getting higher, even though you aren’t using any more water
  • Cracks in your foundation or wet spots in the walls
  • Significant differences in your water meter readings from one month to the next

When our technicians visit your home to check for the possibility of a water leak, you can count on the most thorough examination in the business. You can expect your walls and floors to be checked, as well as the service line that runs from your home to the main water line, foundation walls or slabs, and crawl spaces in your basement. In short, wherever water runs in the home, it will be investigated for possible leaks, and they will be repaired in the most cost-effective manner.

Gas Leak Detection Services

There are not usually any visible signs associated with a gas leak, but you should be able to smell it when there’s a gas leak in any part of your home because there is a slightly sulfuric odor that makes it fairly obvious. When you smell something like this, you should contact the experts right away.

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous in the home for a couple of reasons. First of all, when gas is not completely burned, it can produce carbon monoxide in the home, which is hazardous to humans. Even in small amounts, it can cause brain damage and other long-term health issues, and in large amounts, it can be fatal. The Center for Disease Control routinely logs hundreds of deaths in this country every year attributable to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The other danger associated with gas leaks is, of course, the potential for having a spark ignite the gas if it is present in sufficient quantity. If that happens, there can be an extreme danger to occupants of the home, as well as the home itself. Our Knoxville plumbers can check for gas leaks throughout the home with the most modern equipment so that nothing will be missed, and wherever the presence of gas is detected, the leak will be located and stopped so that no dangerous conditions can develop.

Count on The Plumbing Authoriy

When you suspect you may have a gas or water leak in your home or place of business, don’t hesitate—contact the experts at The Plumbing Authority to have it investigated as soon as possible. If nothing is found, you’ll at least have peace of mind that there are no problems, and if something is discovered, you’ll be very glad it was caught before it got to be a major problem. Using the most modern methods, our technicians will identify and repair your leaks in the most effective manner possible.

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