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What is a Whole House Re-pipe?

Many people who have purchased older homes have quickly been made aware that old plumbing is a significant drawback, being unreliable and much more subject to problems and breakdowns. If this sounds like something you’ve already experienced, or if you’re considering the purchase of an older home and want to be sure you have good plumbing, you should consider a whole house re-pipe project implemented by the experts at The Plumbing Authority.

Advantages of Repiping with PEX

With any older home, the approach that makes the most sense for replacing plumbing is to remove all the old piping, fixtures, and toilets and have them replaced with a PEX house re-pipe. PEX is an abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene tubing.

Why PEX Piping Is Superior to Copper Piping:

  • Cost - PEX piping costs less than traditional copper piping because not only does the material less expensive to make and obtain, but it also takes plumbers lest time to install the fittings because they are more flexible.
  • Immunity from corrosion - Unlike copper, PEX piping is immune from scale build-up and potential corrosion from acidic water.
  • Freeze resistance - Although it's not completely resistant to the risk of freezing, PEX pipe are much more resistant to freeze-breakage than traditional copper pipes.
  • Ease of installation - Copper is much more rigid and less forgiving than PEX piping. The flexibility of PEX allows for an easier and more cost-effective installation

When you make piecemeal plumbing replacements, you may solve temporary problems, but almost inevitably, you’ll experience problems in the future from the areas you didn’t replace. Even good plumbing materials eventually wear out, and when they do, it almost always causes tremendous inconvenience to your household occupants.

A house re-pipe with PEX addresses your existing plumbing from top to bottom and goes far beyond just finding leaks in pipes or clogged drains, although all such problems will be identified and resolved. This comprehensive evaluation of your plumbing system also ensures that you have no structural issues that are affecting the plumbing system and that if any such conditions do exist, they are rectified. For your own assurance, any problems discovered during this investigation are documented and shown to you before our expert plumbing specialists correct them.

Contact The Plumbing Authority 

Our master plumbers have all the skills, training, and all-around expertise to completely replace your outdated and questionable plumbing with the most advanced plumbing products. You can also be guaranteed of expert installation, so you can expect years of uninterrupted service from all the new plumbing components in your home.

If you are interested in scheduling a whole-house repiping service in Knoxville, call The Plumbing Authority at (865) 238-2280 or contact us online to get started!

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