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Most Common Causes of Leaks

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A leak is something that no homeowner wants to deal with, especially when it starts to cause even more issues. One of the most important things a homeowner can do in order to prevent a plumbing leak is to understand where it comes from and what causes it.

There are numerous causes of plumbing leaks, all varying in severity. However, if you understand the various causes, you not only know what to look for, but you can explain to the plumber what you’ve experienced and they can pick the quickest, most effective fix for you.

Here are some of the most common causes of leaks:

Serious Clogs

When hair, grease, and other debris get backed up in the drains, it can cause a serious clog. This means water will begin to build up at the point of the clog and either overflow or cause a potential burst due to the pressure. A burst can be small or large, resulting in a leak anytime water is running.

Corroded Pipes

Like anything else we own, our plumbing can get older and the more it works, the more wear it will have. One sign of wear is corrosion such as rust, which can weaken the pipes. This places pipes at risk of leaks should the corroded areas give way to the water.

Tree Roots Entering the Pipes

Underground pipes may seem free from intrusion, but tree roots still pose a threat to the plumbing system. Sometimes, roots may break through the pipe and enter the drain seeking moisture. The opening it creates can also result in a leak.

Loose or Broken Seals

There is special equipment in order to keep pipes secure and close together, so when connectors or seals are loose or broken, it can allow water to leak through the openings. Small leaks can worsen if undetected and if seals and connectors are not fixed.

If you’re encountering a serious leak in your home, our expert Knoxville plumbers can work to find the solution that fixes the situation as quickly as possible. You can experience a number of issues due to leaks and you want to ensure you’re getting the help you need quickly.

At The Plumbing Authority, we offer technology-driven results in order to meet your plumbing needs at all times. We are a multi-generational family-owned business and recognize how important it is for homeowners to have peace of mind. Let us help you.

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