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DIY Disasters-Halloween Horror Story

The Plumbing Authority Heating & Cooling

You’re taking a shower. While your eyes are closed and you’re basking in the soothing steam from the hot water, you hear a gurgling sound. You ignore it, continuing to relax. Then, you notice that you’re standing in a pool of water. You look down at the drain and watch as the murky water rises around your toes. You’re terrified. Could this be happening because you tried to clean out your sewer line on your own?

Avoid DIY plumbing disasters by calling in the professionals. But if you insist on making complicated repairs yourself, you should arm yourself with some essential knowledge.

Learn How to Turn Off the Water

Whenever you do any DIY plumbing work, you should turn off the water. Before unclogging the toilet with a plunger, turn the knob on the pipe behind the tank. This will shut off the water to the commode.

If your project is of a greater scale, however, you might need to turn off the water at the main valve. Doing this can prevent a flood if something breaks. The main water shut-off valve is usually buried in the yard near the street or in a basement.

Document How You Take Things Apart

You might be quick to dismantle a pipe or washing machine if you’re trying to fix it in a hurry. Even though you tell yourself that you’ll remember how to put it back together, a lot can get in the way before that happens.

Take photos or videos as you take fixtures apart. You can use the footage to guide you toward the finish line.

Don’t Strip the Fittings

If something is leaking, you might believe that you need to crank it tightly shut to remedy the situation. Overtightening can lead to stripped threads, though. You don’t usually need special equipment to tighten fittings. Turn them by hand, and leave them at that.

Don’t let drain cleaners, backed-up sewers and leaky pipes haunt your house this Halloween. Call us at The Plumbing Authority Heating & Cooling if you experience an emergency or need a repair.

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