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Bathroom Trends—Going Green

Picture of Dual Flush Toilet

It’s taken HGTV by a storm, clothing brands are adopting it as their main value, and technology companies continue to manufacture products that pave the road for this phenomenon—eco-consciousness has emerged as a hot topic trend. Eco-friendly practices have swept through many different industries, holding a front seat spot in the marketplace, and the home improvement sector is no different.

Eco-friendly living is trending; and, we here at The Plumbing Authority are here to teach you how to transform your bathroom into an eco-centric oasis. As household bathrooms account for the most energy consumed, water drained, and single-use products disposed of, its the best place to start incorporating green practices. This transformation will prove to make a major impact on your environmental footprint.

Here is your going green guide that will upgrade your bathroom from eco-drab to eco-fab:

Install Low-Flow Showerheads

Replace your current showerhead with a low-flow alternative to reduce your water consumption! This alone can lower your water waste by 20%! Water-efficient showerheads lower the amount of water flowing from your appliance without compromising function. Make the switch to low-flow fixtures and you’ll save up to 3,000 gallons of water per year!

Add Aerators To Your Faucets

This water conservation appliance can be applied throughout your home, not just in your bathroom. Aerators are a great DIY project for the current climate. They are easy to install, budget-friendly, and will make great leaps towards reducing your household water costs.

Aerators reduce water consumption by adding air into your water stream as it is dispensed from your fixture. This inherently saves water without compromising water pressure! With the low price of five dollars, you can get an Aerator for your home. To install this appliance, simply screw the aerator onto your faucet head until it is secured. And, just like that, you’ll make an environmental difference.

Switch To Dual-Flush Toilets

Dual-flush toilets require significantly less water to complete the same job as its traditional alternative. Technological advancements in toilet manufacturing have reduced the amount of water per flush from 5 gallons in 1995 to 1.28 gallons in 2020. And, this number improves with dual-flush toilets. Dual-flush toilets only require 0.8 gallons of water to remove liquid waste from the bowl. This amounts to almost 13,000 gallons of water saved annually!

When searching for your new dual-flush toilet, make sure the product has a WaterSense label! WaterSense appliances meet the highest standards for efficiency and functionality. For your dual-flush toilet installation, contact a professional plumbing technician. This is not a DIY job!

Make The Change To LED Bulbs

LED bulbs outperform traditional, incandescent bulbs. Not to mention, they use 75% less energy! As incandescent bulbs burn energy as heat, they require more energy to maintain bright lighting and burn out faster than LED bulbs. Replacing your incandescent bulbs with the LED alternative will reduce your energy consumption and slash your monthly utility bills!

Replace Single-Use, Plastic, & Paper Products With Reusable Items

Take your make-up remover wipes, paper cups, paper towels, and plastic toothbrushes and switch to sustainable products. Purchase wood toothbrushes instead of plastic, buy reusable make-up wipes rather than single-use towels, designate a glass cup to your bathroom rather than using small, paper options, and use cotton towels rather than paper goods. This will astronomically decrease your wastefulness!

By going green and buying environmentally friendly bathroom products, you help reduce the number of toxic fumes and chemicals in our atmosphere, as you won’t be supporting the production of these plastic products that release these harmful gasses.

Implement these eco-conscious practices in your home with The Plumbing Authority! Simply call us at (865) 238-2280 for your water-efficient appliance installation. We are here to help you take a step towards green living.

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