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Time To Ditch Chemical Drain Cleaners

Picture of Chemical Drain Cleaner

We get it—drains can clog often, and you don’t always want to call a professional plumber to remove your blockage; however, calling for clog removal will save you time and money in the long run. From sinks backed up with hair-balls to kitchen plumbing with accumulated food, many homeowners look to liquid drain cleaners to resolve their clog. Yet, this is not, in fact, an easy solution. Although your clog may appear dealt with, it is likely your nifty store-bought drain cleaner is causing more harm to your plumbing system than it is doing good.

Drain cleaners are oftentimes hazardous, containing high traces of chemical compounds. Here’s why it’s time to ditch your chemical drain cleaners:

They Are Compromising Your Indoor Air Quality

From the moment you twist the cap off, liquid drain cleaners release fumes with high levels of toxicity, negatively affecting your indoor air quality. Repeated exposure to these chemicals can lead to respiratory distress, ocular irritation, and mucous membrane harm. If you insist on using drain cleaners, it is imperative that you have a well-ventilated area and crack your windows during use. This will reduce the drain cleaner’s effects on personal health; however, it does not eliminate potential harm.

Once these fumes are released, they can linger in your home. Your indoor air quality will take a hit with this product, which is especially problematic during the current COVID-19 climate, as these chemicals affect the respiratory system, posing higher chances of negative virus reaction if exposed. To avoid compromised indoor air quality, contact a professional plumber to remove your drain clog.

They Can Burn Your Skin

The average drain cleaner contains sulfuric acid. This compound can cause severe skin burns if it comes in contact with your body. And, the chances of skin burns are high. Splashback, accidents involving dropping the bottle, and other related incidents are not anticipated; yet, drain cleaning causes almost 3,000 injuries per year.

They Are Harmful To Your Plumbing

Chemical drain cleaners contain many abrasive chemicals that can actually corrode your piping. These harsh ingredients can’t distinguish between a clog and your plumbing—it simply eats through everything in its path. If your clog is not resolved by pouring this solution down your drain, you may be in for an even bigger issue. Chemical drain cleaners that sit within your pipes can actually eat through your piping, leaking into your home.

These plumbing damages are avoidable. Simply contact a professional plumber for drain cleaning, snaking, or hydro-jetting. No matter the clog, these treatments will clear your system of any blockage.

For professional drain cleaning, contact The Plumbing Authority at (865) 238-2280. We are here for your plumbing needs through these unprecedented times.

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