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Heating Your Home: Your Options

When it comes to preparing your home for winter, you want to make sure your heating system is the right fit for you and your family. From incorrectly sized units to insufficient systems, you don’t want to try and fit your foot in a shoe that is too small—a shoe that can’t meet your demands. Just like Cinderella, your home needs to find its perfect, glass-slipper heater to ensure optimized function and efficiency. Otherwise, you will be facing compromised heating and high energy costs.

To avoid a chilled winter, we here at The Plumbing Authority Heating & Cooling, are breaking down your home heating options so you know which system is best suited for your comfort.

Here is a comprehensive guide to your heating options:


Generating heat by burning natural gas, heating fuel oil, or electricity, furnaces are your traditional heating option. How do they operate? Furnaces force air through ignited burners that heat the air as it passes through the appliance’s network, where a fan then blows the climate-controlled air into your home through central heating ductwork.

These systems are extremely reliable and last for about twenty years. Not to mention, they won’t interrupt your home design, as they are built-in to your walls. However, if you have a home that does not have existing ducts, other options may be better suited for you, as adding a furnace to your home would require extensive construction and demolition.

A furnace would be the best heating option for you if you already have a central cooling system installed or if you have an existing natural gas line connected to your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps run on electricity and heat your home, not by creating heat, but by extracting heat from the air outside and moving it into your space. This process can also be reversed and provide cooling function as well. This heating unit is efficient, cost-effective, and eliminates any concern of carbon monoxide leaks as they are not gas operated.

A heat pump is your ideal home heating system if you want combined heating and cooling, or if your goal is to lower your monthly utility bills.

Ductless Heating Systems

A ductless mini-split network will effectively heat any room in which a delivery system is installed. These electric wall-mounted units operate much like a heat pump, as they don’t require ductwork to distribute your climate-controlled air throughout your space. These systems are extremely energy efficient and can cut your heating costs in half. Not to mention, your energy company may provide a rebate for installing this system! You can check to see if you would be eligible here!

Ductless mini-splits allow for customized, segmented or uniform, heating. It’s all about how you want it set up. These heating networks are best for people without ductwork already running throughout your home, those that place energy-efficiency at the top of their priority list, those that want heating added to home additions, and those that only need heating in specific rooms. To figure out your heating capacity requirements, reach out to your local HVAC experts!

To establish which of the listed systems are right for you, it’s always best to work with a professional. Figuring out which heating network is your perfect fit depends not only on your use but also on the size of your space. These calculations are best left to the experts.

For your heating installation, contact The Plumbing Authority at (865) 238-2280. We are here to help you establish home comfort that lasts. We are continuing to practice CDC recommended protocols to ensure both our clients and our technicians remain safe and healthy. For more information on our precautions, don’t hesitate to reach out!