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What To Do When Unclogging Your Drain

A silver sink with running water

Without having the extensive knowledge of a plumber, do you know how to successfully unclog your drain? It may seem like an easy solution - just reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. But, is that the best option or just a quick fix? In this blog we’ll discuss the best ways to help unclog your home’s drain and how to prevent one from happening.

What Are The Best Ways To Unclog A Drain?

Let’s go over some common items used to help unclog drains and pipes in your home, and discuss if they are actually a good option.

  • Chemical drain cleaners may seem like an easy and convient option, but that’s not actually the case. Chemical drain cleaners are designed to power through any substance in your pipe’s which can lead to corrosion, causing your pipes to break down sooner than anticipated. They are also highly toxic, and can contaminate your properties water supply. This leads to water that isn’t safe to drink or bathe in, and has negative effects on the environment.

  • Snakes/Augers are great for helping remove hair from your sink and shower, or other similar small clogs. They can be a great tool for preventative maintenance and keeping your drains clean. But, these tools sometimes don’t reach all of the clog in your pipes. They can give the illusion of removing the full clog while there may be a deeper one.

  • Plungers can be of great service when you find a small clog in the sink’s drainpipe. It can give the clog the extra push it needs to keep going. Make sure your sink is already filled with a few inches of water and apply light pressure with a cup plunger to send the clog down.

How to Prevent A Clogged Drain

The best way to prevent your drain from being clogged is to prevent the wrong items from going down your pipes. One way to prevent objects like food scraps and hair from going down your drain is to place a strainer over all of your drains. This will help easily catch any unwanted objects and you can then dispose of them in the trash.

How We Can Help.

Being a property owner is stressful, and can be made even more difficult by things not working as they should. Our team of licensed plumbers are ready to help eliminate any current plumbing issue and prevent more from happening in the future. We know problems like a clogged drain can be a hassle, which is why we offer long lasting solutions for you to count on, like drain cleaning and repiping.

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