Installing a Touch Activated Faucet in Your Home

Installing a Touch Activated Faucet in Your Home

What would you want professional plumbers to add to your home? When it comes to home improvement, plumbing is one good area to explore. Today, many new technologies are emerging that serve practical purposes for the home. Among those are touch-activated faucets.

How Do Touch-Activated Faucets Work?

How does it work?

Gizmodo, a website dedicated to news and information on anything about technology, presents one of these faucets, namely the Delta from Pilar® Kitchen Collection. The water flows when you turn it on via the main switch, which also allows for the water get hot (turn left) or cold (turn right). The difference is that you can turn the water flow off by tapping the faucet anywhere on the handle or the body. Tap it again to turn the flow back on.

When not in use, you can turn the faucet off by pulling the handle down. This way, an accidental touch (e.g. by pet or a child) will not turn the water flow on. If ever you forgot to turn the faucet off, the water flow will be turned off automatically after four minutes to prevent flooding due to accidental activation.

The touch sensitivity is reported to be fairly good. It can actually tell the difference between a slight tap and a grasp. This means it wouldn’t turn on if you were grasping the faucet when trying to adjust the position.

The faucet can also be operated manually if desired. It also has the features commonly found in conventional faucets like a pull-down head and two modes of spray.

It seems luxurious. Why use this type of faucet?

There’s actually a practical reason for the development of this kind of faucet beyond the convenience it provides. Houzz, an online platform for remodeling and design information, highlights that it helps with sanitation (cross-contamination is easily avoided). It is also a good solution if there are members of the household who have mobility or dexterity issues.

If you’re interested in including touch-activated faucets in your kitchen remodel, you would want to contact licensed plumbers in Knoxville, such as The Plumbing Authority Inc., for proper installation, as well to know more about the faucet and the other new technologies available today.


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