When Do You Need Emergency Commercial Plumbing?

When Do You Need Emergency Commercial Plumbing?

Plumbing problems can cost you a lot as a homeowner, but more so if you own a business. Utility cost and workplace comfort are crucial in running your operations efficiently and effectively. Plumbing system issues, however, can result in serious interruptions that can take a huge chunk of your budget and impair your ability to meet customer demands on time, thereby affecting profit. Plumbing situations, such as these, require an immediate fix from your local emergency plumbing professional:

When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Burst pipe. Broken water piping can be very expensive; you waste money with every second the water runs. You’d also have to hire a cleaning professional to dry out water-damaged furniture in order to keep molds from accumulating. If the water touches equipment and electrical outlets, everyone in your business place is at risk of an electric shock.
  • Backflow. This occurs when water containing waste flows back through the pipes, resulting to serious health concerns at the possibility of clean water being contaminated. Also, filthy water can overflow from outlets and flood your office space, in which case, you’d need both a plumber and a professional cleaner to restore its usability.
  • Gas leak. Boiler gas leaks can make you seriously ill. In some cases, you’ll notice rotten, sulfuric smell. But for a carbon monoxide leak, which can’t be detected by the senses, you have to ensure that your premises are equipped with a special alarm. Vacate the area immediately and switch off lights to avoid starting fire. Contact an emergency plumber right away to control the situation.

Knoxville emergency plumbing professionals like The Plumbing Authority also do regular plumbing jobs, but since they’re trained to handle situations requiring an immediate fix, they are able to do it on a much shorter timescale. When dealing with emergency plumbers, note that only an expert plumber can diagnose the extent of your plumbing concern and, perhaps, provide you a close estimate of the service cost so make sure you’re talking to one. Don’t pounce at the first one to offer you a cheap price; otherwise, your wallet may be in for some nasty surprise.

For safety, you also have to ensure that the company you’re calling have well-trained, background-checked plumbers. Always keep a list of emergency plumbing contacts on hand as you may not know when you’re going to need one. Have your plumbing checked and maintained regularly to prevent costly problems from occurring in the future. This can save you money in the long run and also spare you from bigger problems.


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