4 Common Drain De-Clogging Blunders to Avoid

4 Common Drain De-Clogging Blunders to Avoid

Deciding to DIY and clean up a clogged drain may save you some money—if you completely know what you’re doing. More often than not, however, DIY methods can do more harm than good to your plumbing and you might end up having to call your local plumber to fix the mess. Listed below are some of the DIY drain cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

Common DIY Drain Cleaning Mistakes

Mistake 1: Pouring chemical cleaners.

Commercial drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that slowly eat away some plumbing components. Also, note that not all clogs can be dissolved by drain cleaners. For instance, Business Insider reminds that the grease you pour down your drain is just washed down further the piping line where it joins all the other greases: forming massive blocks (fatbergs) that lead to a more serious clogging problem.

Mistake 2: Water blasting your drain.

Water pressure may work but not for large clogs. Thrusting your garden hose or using your pressure washer can only add pressure to the pipe to the point that it may leak or burst. You may end up needing to clean your soaked kitchen or bathroom floor, not to mention that you’ll be exposed to filthy drain water.

Mistake 3: Use of inappropriate, makeshift tools.

A favorite improvised drain cleaning tool of homeowners is the metal coat hanger, which they bend and shove down the pipe in the hope that it can reach and hook the clog out—but it could just get stuck or even damage an already thinning pipe. Some even use other household objects like wooden spoons. Note that these materials can break or get trapped, making your clogging problem more complicated.

Mistake 4: Meddling with the piping.

Unless you have adequate knowledge of plumbing, never ever disassemble the pipes yourself. First of all, just because the fit feels tight, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s secured. Plus, if ever you break any parts in the course of your work, you’ll end up having to buy replacement parts. You also have to ensure that they’re the right size and the connector is made of the right material to avoid leaking or corrosion.

To effectively clean a drain, you have to determine the kind of clog and where that clog is located along the pipeline. Instead of attempting to fix the problem yourself, schedule a professional drain cleaning with The Plumbing Authority in Knoxville. These professionals have all the required tools and equipment to remedy your drain problem. In fact, you could save more money trusting them compared to the risk and cost associated with remedying slip ups from DIY attempts.

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