How to Keep Your Home Plumbing Systems in Prime Condition

How to Keep Your Home Plumbing Systems in Prime Condition

The local news division of ABC, WATE-TV, reported in their online edition that inspectors made an unannounced inspection and Knox County restaurants passed these health inspections with flying colors. Results are favorable throughout the county with the top 12 getting scores within the range of 97-100.

One important element in the grading of the restaurants is the absence of problems in the plumbing system. This is essential because these establishments are making heavy use of the kitchen. Also, the staff and customers must be able to use a clean bathroom. Plumbing problems in these areas can cause inefficiency and sanitary issues that can compromise the cleanliness and food safety of the restaurant.

Of course, commercial establishments aren’t the only ones that need optimal plumbing systems. While there is no health inspection that homes need to pass, you most likely don’t want any plumbing problems in your home. For that, you’ll need professional plumbers—not just in the bathroom but also throughout the house. Here are some important services that they provide:

Our Residential Plumbing Services

  • Fixing leaks – they can be really nasty and sometimes store-bought tools and DIY tips just aren’t enough. Leaks can lead to flooding inside the house. Not only does this waste water, it can also lead to a number of hazards—toxic mold buildup, water damage to structure and furniture, and harmful bacteria infestation.
  • Drainage cleaning – poor drainage will also make your house vulnerable to flooding. Water from exterior sources, like rain and melting snow, can enter the house, which can cause the same hazards mentioned before. Maintaining proper drainage allows you to avoid costly damages or at least keep them minimal.
  • Remodeling – this is a way to spruce up your home’s aesthetics, but remodeling is more than just that. It is also an important opportunity to add fixtures, like touch activated faucets and instant hot water dispensers that can save you time and effort in daily activities.

Check with a local plumber in Knoxville, like The Plumbing Authority Inc., if you want any services done for your house, be it the bathroom or for other parts and fixtures. Even if you think what needs to be done is just minor, it’s best to let a professional have a look so you don’t take or face unnecessary risks.

(Source: Knox County restaurants perform well on health inspections, WATE-TV, Mar. 26, 2015)


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