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In 1882, the engineer Schuyler Skaats Wheeler designed America’s first electric fan. It must have seemed like magic to feel cold air whirring from two blades in the sweltering summer heat, a vast improvement of manually fluttering a handheld fan. Little could amazed audiences know that Wheeler’s invention was only the brink of the iceberg in America’s journey of creating cheaper, safer, and more powerful cooling systems.

Gone are the days of small rotating fans and the long wait for those oscillating blades to blow cool air on you for a few precious seconds. Instead, our high-tech AC systems are able to cool entire homes instantly. Our Knoxville AC installation experts at The Plumbing Authority use state of the art equipment to immediately cool your house to the perfect temperature.

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What to Look for in an Air Conditioning System

The most important aspect about an AC unit is that it needs to be able to cool your home effectively. However, in order to make sure your system is a cut above the rest, there are other indicators that you need to look out for.

Some characteristics of a superb AC system include:

  • Maximum ability to cool each and every room in your home
  • Ability to cool the interior of your home without uncomfortable side effects like blowing wind or loud noises
  • Energy-efficient technology to decrease your electric bills
  • Flexible options to use portable or stationary equipment
  • Assurance that your investment is “future-proof,” with long-lasting, high-tech equipment
  • Expert installations done the right way the first time

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Here at The Plumbing Authority, we know that one size does not fit all. If your home requires multiple portable air conditioners or single wall attachments, or your office needs commercial dehumidifiers, we can provide you with superb, personalized solutions to keep you and your family refreshed all summer long.

Some different options of AC units that we can offer you include:

  • Portable evaporative coolers – These types of AC units use a lot less energy than other units like refrigerant-based coolers, since they blow hot air through a sheet of mist that quickly evaporates and cools the air. Because these easily movable units require dry air that gets dispensed as moist air on the other side of the room, they are especially desirable for dry, hot climates.
  • Single room or split air conditioners – These installed systems have an outdoor component with a fan inside that connects refrigerant-filled pipes to an inside unit. The units can direct air through a single outlet, or multiple outlets, depending on the number of rooms served, utilizing insulated ducts to halt potential condensation. These units can come in a large variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Multi-split domestic units – This type of system is one of the most flexible options, because you can have up to eight distinct inside units that all connect to a single outdoor unit. The best part of this air conditioner is that you can individually manage the heat or cooling in all eight rooms to be different from each other.

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Unlike many companies, The Plumbing Authority only hires fully qualified HVAC experts who have received top-notch licensing. Our specialists are experienced with finding the perfect option of AC devices to fit all of your AC installation needs in Knoxville, Sevierville, and beyond.

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