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When you hear the word “castle,” what probably comes to mind is a magnificent stone fortress from Medieval times, complete with flying buttresses and a moat. You may imagine King Arthur and his Round Table knights lounging comfortably around a roaring fire, singing songs and telling tales of daring feats. Yet what many people don’t know is that castles were dark, damp, and freezing places. Far from being palaces of luxury and comfort, castles were gloomy and chilly, and you were likely to lose your fingers from frostbite, if you didn’t expire from a common cold first.

Hundreds of years later, however, the modern technology of heating systems has ensured that the average homeowner can live more luxuriously than any royalty from the past. Our experts at The Plumbing Authority can install the most contemporary heating units to turn your home into the castle of your dreams. If you are looking for heater installations in Knoxville, we’ve got your heating needs covered, so you don’t need more covers!

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Configuring Your Heating System

In order to perfectly heat the palace of your dreams, there are three primary fundamentals to consider. Determining these aspects will allow you to plan what type of heating unit best fits your individual needs.

When planning your heating system, make sure to consider:

  • The distinct features of your home – The layout, size, structure, and type of house you live in is crucial in figuring out what unit or units you will require. Depending on how many rooms and floors there are, you may need additional radiators to keep it completely heated. You will also need to think about hallways, lobbies, stairs, ensuites, and other annexes which need to be supplied with heat as well.
  • The unique household requirements – In order to determine the right heating system for your home, it is important to know the approximate usage you will require. Choosing a plan will depend on the number of occupants living or staying in your home, and how much heat you will use on a daily basis, depending on the season.
  • The suitability of specific heater units – Based on your home’s personal household requirements, we can then figure out which model and type of heating system will best fit your house’s needs. You can also decide if you want automatic thermostats or timing systems to increase your unit’s efficiency and decrease energy costs.

How Often Should I Replace My Heater?

The average heater can last up to 15 to 20 years depending on what kind of heating system you have and how well it’s maintained. Too often, people try to save money by using their heater well past it’s lifespan. But they end up spending more than they would have if they’d replaced the unit.

Our skilled HVAC techs can help you find the right heater or furnace for your home. With our Knoxville heating installations, you can stay comfortable for years to come.

Heating Installations Your Way

Here at The Plumbing Authority, we know that all of our customers require not only personalized installations of units that precisely fit their heating needs but also will benefit from differentiated financing plans. Our family-owned business is built on the foundations of integrity and reliability, so we will always give upfront prices. If you are searching for quality heater installations in Knoxville, look no further. We work directly with you to find the most affordable financing plan for your installation.

Contact us now at (865) 238-2280 to get full customer care and customer comfort from our licensed experts at The Plumbing Authority.

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