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“It’s the night before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone is freezing, including the mouse!” Can you imagine this scenario happening to you? The grandparents are over, the kids are preparing cookies and milk for Santa, and everyone is cozily drinking hot cocoa, when suddenly the heating goes off. As one of those sudden December blizzards begins to howl outside, quickly dropping your home’s temperature several degrees, it’s clear that the party is over, and your night is ruined. It’s all well and good if the weather outside is freezing, but definitely a problem if it feels like winter inside your living room.

None of us ever want to be caught without a well-running, powerful heater. Of course, whenever these things happen, Murphy’s Law seems to dictate that heaters will break in the dead of winter, right when you need them the most. This occurrence shouldn’t be surprising, since your heaters are working extra hard to produce heat during the cold spells, but it sure can be an uncomfortable process. When your heater breaks, you need our professionals from The Plumbing Authority to get your home immediately and rapidly repair or replace your unit. Find quality support for heater repair in Knoxville, before discomfort turns into danger.

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Signs of Needed Heater Repair

While it is true that sometimes heaters can break suddenly without warning, there usually tend to be key signals that indicate something is going wrong. It is important to know these different warning signs so you can take preemptive action and get the problem fixed before utter disaster strikes.

Some crucial signs that your heater might be on the verge of breaking include:

  • Your heating bill is increasing dramatically, even if you aren’t increasing your usage – This could mean that your heating unit is falling apart due to old age, wear and tear, or even a failing part. Because it is losing energy in the process, your unit has to work harder to make up for the waste, which causes your energy bill to skyrocket.
  • Different rooms are heating at different rates and amounts, or not heating at all – This is especially noticeable if you have a multi-unit device, where individual heaters in different rooms are controlled by a single operating system. If you notice that some rooms are taking a long time to heat, or never reach the desired temperature, this could be a signal that either the ductwork leading to an individual heater has failed, or there is a larger malfunction in the central control system.
  • Strange noises are emitted from either the unit itself or the vents – If there is any unusual and extended grinding, whirring, clicking, or wheezing coming from your unit, this is a sure sign that it is not in healthy condition. Whether a part is loose or broken, or perhaps ductwork has become blocked or disconnected, unusual sounds are crucial to alerting us that a problem is on its way.
  • A yellow or red pilot light – If you notice that the heater’s pilot light has changed color, this could mean that there are foreign substances, from dust or rust, which might be interfering with the airflow. It is also important to check for invisible, odorless, and potentially harmful gases, which could be gradually poisoning you and your home’s occupants through the vents. Always get in touch with one of our knowledgeable experts if you notice a discolored light.

Keeping Our Customers Safe, Sound, and Satisfied

Having a powerful, functioning heater in the middle of winter is not only beneficial for your comfort, but crucial in keeping your health and immune system at its peak condition. If you are looking for heater repairs in Knoxville, our qualified specialists at The Plumbing Authority are ready to lend you an experienced, friendly hand.

Contact us now at (865) 238-2280 or fill out our online form, for superior, rapid support in repairing and replacing your heaters.

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